PhotoVu: The Digital Photo Frame Company

PhotoVu™ is a "Made in the USA" boutique, high-end electronics manufacturer. We specialize in premium, high-end, customized, wireless digital picture frames. PhotoVu's digital picture frames allow consumers and businesses to display their digital content in any location throughout their home or business.

PhotoVu digital picture frames are only available direct from manufacturer and orders can be placed on this website. Customers create their own personalized product by choosing from a variety of custom picture frame and matboard selections to match any décor. Simply put, PhotoVu turns a lifelong investment in photos into a never ending stream of smiles.

Like you, we actually care about our digital frames and distinguish ourselves from the other commodity products available at "Big Box" or online retailers. You will not find our digital picture frames in those locations.

Today's digital technology represents an unprecedented opportunity to truly enjoy and share your personal archive of pictures, but today's digital cameras and computers fall short in maximizing the full potential this technology enables. We believe the infamous "shoebox" lives on, simply reincarnated on a computer hard drive. We finally eliminate the shoebox once and for all by bringing your pictures to life, silently "lifting" the pictures out of your computer shoebox and onto the wall.

PhotoVu also believes that technology should provide benefits, not headaches. We design our digital picture frames so they can be used by anyone that can operate a digital camera. That means if you have a digital camera and a computer, you can easily use our products through simple, easy to navigate, web browser interfaces and without any new software to install on your computer.

PhotoVu custom manufactures each digital photo frame at their Boulder, Colorado facilities, using the finest individually made wood frames and matboards, coupled with brand new electronic components, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind product.

PhotoVu, LLC is a privately held and privately financed company registered in the state of Colorado.

What's your digital photo frame style?

Customer Testimonial

PhotoVu Digital Picture Frame Owner

“Our PhotoVu digital frame has become the centerpiece of our home. Family and friends will take the long route through the house just to pass the frame and see what picture is on display. New photos are on display only minutes after we take them. This is THE product for a digital photography family.”

Steve & Heidi N.
Ogden, Utah