Apple Mac, iPhoto, and MobileMe Support

The PhotoVu wireless digital photo frame provides industry leading support for the entire Apple® platform. In fact, the PhotoVu is the most compatible Mac digital picture frame on the market! Whether you use Leopard, iPhoto™ or MobileMe, the PhotoVu is the easiest and most powerful way to display your digital photos.

Mac Compatibility

Apple Mac compatible logos for wireless digital frame

The PhotoVu digital frame is compatible with both PowerPC and Intel platforms. In order to take full advantage of your Mac, Leopard (10.5.x) or greater is recommended. Once you enable File Sharing on your Mac, the PhotoVu will be able to see your user account folders. For most customers, this is where your Pictures or photos are stored. The PhotoVu wireless digital frame uses "Photo Directories" to identify where your photos are located on your Mac. This is the simplest and easiest way to access your photos.

iLife and iPhoto Support

Apple Mac iLife logos for wireless digital photo frame

For most Mac users, using iLife and iPhoto is just part of the photo taking process. If you work on your "photo hygenie" today, you will save yourself a lot of frustration down the road! if not, you'll have 10's of thousands of photos stored on your Mac years from now and no way to find and display the pictures of your first anniversary, your daughters fifth birthday, or the last vacation you took.

Using our iPhoto integration and built-in web administration program, select one or more iPhoto album types then tell the wireless digital picture frame to display just those pictures. As you update the iPhoto albums on your Mac, you will automatically see the changes on the PhotoVu when it rebuilds it's play list. You'll also be able to enjoy a lifetime of memories by playing your entire iPhoto collection!

MobileMe and RSS Feeds

Apple Mac MobileMe logos for wireless digital picture frame

When it comes to sharing photos over the Internet, there isn't a wireless digital photo frame that does it better than PhotoVu! Just upload an album from iPhoto to MobileMe, make sure it is shared, then tell the PhotoVu it's location. Using RSS Feeds from MobileMe, the PhotoVu will automatically retrieve and display your images. When you update your photos on MobileMe, PhotoVu SmartSync™ will update the photos on your digital frame. It's that easy to access photos from family and friends!