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Thinking about advertising locally but worried that the costs are too high? You have heard about digital signage but thought this new form of advertising was out of reach. Now, advertisers and retail businesses in Boulder, Colorado have a low-cost, digital advertising alternative!

Advertise on Our Network

Today, there are many forms of advertising competing for your marketing budget: newspaper ads, local magazines, coupon books, direct mail, tradeshows, and the list goes on... As an advertiser, it is simple. You want to find a quick and cost effective way to generate sales for your product or service.

Distribute your ads on our network and get exposure to customers within select local businesses. You decide on the reach. It could be one location, a few, or the entire local ad network! Pay per ad and only for the locations you select. Contact us and get started today.

Advertise in Your Retail Business

As a retail business, the cost of a digital signage solution can be prohibitive when you consider the equipment cost and ongoing maintenance. Why buy a LCD TV to entertain your customers when you can sell to them instead?

PhotoVu has designed a retail digital signage program for local businesses with little or no initial cost. If you have a retail store front and an Internet connection, you qualify! Contact us and get started today.

Looking to Roll Out Your Own Local Ad Network?

Using a PhotoVu Digital Ad Solution, roll out your own local ad network. There are 1000's of local geographies searching for a solution just like this! Contact us today and find out how to build your network.

What's your digital photo frame style?

Customer Testimonial

PhotoVu Digital Picture Frame Owner

“As you can see from the enclosed pictures I was so pleased with the one I bought for my office I bought one for my home as well. About 6 months before the walls were even up I had the contractor design a place for it. It looks like a regular picture till the pictures start to change. It always gets a double take from guests as they see the slideshow.”

Naftali S.
Brooklyn, New York