PhotoVu Digital Picture Frames

Why are the PhotoVu wireless digital picture frames so expensive? Do people really buy these?

Yes, our PhotoVu wireless digital photo frames are expensive, but as most things in life, you truly do get what you pay More »

PhotoVu Digital Picture Frames - which model is best for me?

This can be a very complicated subject. First, all of our PhotoVu LCD photo frames will display your digital photos perfectly and crystal clear, without any distortion, no matter what type of digital camera or digital images you have. More »

How much does shipping a digital photo frame to my country cost? Do you ship your digital picture frames outside the United States?

Yes, about 15% of our business is international since we make the best digital picture frame in the world. We ship all More »

I have an 802.11g wireless AP, do you support this on your wireless digital picture frames? What about 802.11a?

Yes, the PhotoVu supports 802.11b/g, WEP 64/128bit, and WPA/WPA2 PSK-TKIP as of Jan 2008. Current PhotoVu owners can More »

I have never heard of PhotoVu. Why should I buy a large digital picture frame from you?

Many people have told us this initial concern when they’ve ordered or called us to buy their second or third PhotoVu. More »

Does the PhotoVu digital frame play digital videos? Does it have speakers so I can listen to music too?

Yes, many smaller frames on the market play videos and mp3’s, etc. We have seen and tried them all. They do it very poorly because More »

Why not just watch my photos on my plasma or LCD TV? I could buy a big screen HDTV for that price!

Playing your photos on a TV requires use of a media adapter, of which there are many on the market. The media adapter More »

Your prices are way too high! When will your prices go down? Do you ever run any sales or special promotions?

We never run fake special promotions or fake sales as our prices are already as low as we can get them, while at the same time not skimping on anything when building the world’s largest and highest quality digital photo frames. Our prices More »

How does the external USB hard drive option work and how is it hidden or stored inside the PhotoVu?

While the PhotoVu is the ultimate wireless digital picture frame, we realize that some people will prefer the More »

What is the new software features upgrade plan and why do you charge for it?

We have the most powerful, feature rich, digital picture frame software on the market today. Our optional new software features upgrade plan allows you More »