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Premium Wireless Digital Picture Frames

Out of the Shoebox & Onto the Wall™

PhotoVu frames are simple, easy-to-use wireless digital picture frames with the clarity, brilliance, and round-the-clock silent operation to let you enjoy your entire photo collection each and every day!

22 inch Wireless Digital Picture Frame
PV2275w - 22" Widescreen, Wireless Digital Frame

Starting at $999 BACKORDERED

22 inch Wireless Digital Signage Display
PV2275wds - 22" Widescreen, Wireless Digital Sign


Use your PhotoVu Wireless Digital Frame with all the leading computer, Internet sharing, and photo management technologies!

PhotoVu digital frames support the Mac, Windows, RSS, iPhoto, Wifi, USB 2.0 and much more

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Custom Built to Match Your Tastes

Custom Frames for Wireless Digital Picture Frames

Don't settle for that same old plastic look, any digital frame can be customized to match your décor!

Select from top of line materials like wood, metal, and leather, from companies such as Larson-Juhl, Picture Woods, House of Mercier, and more, then choose a matching digital picture frame matboard color to get the perfect look for your room!

Customize Your PhotoVu Digital Photo Frame

How it Works

PhotoVu digital picture frames are easy-to-use no matter your level of experience!

Wirless Digital Picture Frame with support for Apple iPhoto, Google Picasa, Framchannel, and more

Use Without a Computer
Just plug-in a USB flash drive or configure the 80 GB of internal storage and let the PhotoVu go. All folders on the storage device will be searched for photos. A play list will be built then the frame will automatically start to play.

Use With a Computer
Our built-in digital frame software makes it easy to connect to your wireless network, integrate with photo management apps like Google Picasa and Apple iPhoto, or utilize cutting-edge technologies like RSS! You can even get news, weather, sports, and traffic information through Windows Live™ FrameIt or FrameChannel's RSS service.

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