Internet Photo Sharing and RSS Feeds

Expand Photo Sharing Beyond Your Own Walls

The PhotoVu wireless digital photo frame was designed with one idea in mind...the enjoyment of ALL your photos regardless of where they are located. Several years ago, we started by displaying photos using the local network or a USB Storage Drive. Next, we were the first to add integration with leading photo management software programs like Apple® iPhoto™ and Google™ Picasa™.

Today, you can access photos on the Internet and tap into a wide variety of content using your digital frame. This includes public photos as well as postings from your friends and family. We've always known the Internet was the final destination for the PhotoVu. Once you setup your PhotoVu RSS Feeds, everything is automatic so just sit back and enjoy!

What is RSS?

RSS Icon for wireless digital picture frame

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication and is commonly used in the news gathering world. You might already use a RSS News Reader today or the one integrated into your web browser. Typically, when you see the icon on a web site, it means you can access public information (or photos!) by subscribing to the RSS Feed.

What is unique is the PhotoVu's special set of technologies that allow you to easily and automatically access content on the industry's leading photo sharing portals. Now you can enjoy all of your photos...even the ones that friends, family, and others post on the Internet!

Internet Sharing Features:

  • Direct support of Apple® MobileMe Gallery, flickr™, Frame Channel, Google™ Picasa™ Web Albums, Photobucket, SmugMug™, Webshots, and Windows Live™ FrameIt.
  • Compatible with most RSS feeds that support the RSS Media or Enclosure tag. Or, you can also develop and use your own RSS photo feed!
  • PhotoVu SmartSync™ Support synchronizes with your online photos. If photos are added or deleted within an album, the changes will be reflected the next time the RSS feeds are updated.
  • Set times to play your digital frame feeds using the scheduling feature.
  • Automatic Image Sizing using PhotoVu SmartResize™ to optimize each photo for full screen display.
  • PhotoVu Real-Time Vu™ allows you to see new photos right after the RSS content is sync'ed. Great for time sensitive information like weather or breaking news!